Jenelle and Barbara Keeping Jace From Seeing His Father?! – Andrew Speaks Out!

teen mom jenelle evans baby daddy andrew lewis
Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, have allegedly been keeping Jenelle’s baby daddy, Andrew Lewis, from seeing his son, Jace.

Andrew told In Touch Weekly that he’s tried to contact Jenelle and Barbara with no response. Lewis even revealed that he contacted Babs out of the blue about a year ago and asked to come visit Jace, but she said “no.”

“I said ‘Hey Barbara, how are you, how’s Jace? And I was thinking about coming to visit, is it okay?’ She said ‘no’, and that’s it,” Andrew told the magazine.

So, why does Andrew feel like now is the time to step in and finally be a part of Jace’s life? “I didn’t know how permanent it would be,” Andrew said of signing over custody rights to Jenelle and Barbara. Andrew claims that after all of Jenelle’s alleged drug use, and legal troubles now “is the right time to get involved.” (Sorry, Andrew the RIGHT time to get involved would have been the minute Jace was born!)

Andrew Lewis also doesn’t like the fact that Jenelle Evans has so many men around their son. “She’s confusing her own child. One moment she’s with this guy, next moment she’s with that guy, next moment she’s with this guy. You’re confusing your own son.’ Why would you want to do that?”

It seems unlikely that Andrew will ever do anything to fight for Jace, and, for now, it looks like Jace is staying with Grandma Barbara indefinitely.

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