Confirmed: Jenelle Evans in Malibu Rehab

teen mom 2 jenelle evans
Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans has confirmed that she’s in rehab. The MTV star is currently in a Malibu treatment facility, Wet Paint reported.

According to the report, Jenelle confirmed the news via Facebook. However, sources close to Evans claim that the “Teen Mom” didn’t go to rehab because of drug use.

Jenelle Evans’ former fiancé, Gary Head, told fans that MTV urged the “Teen Mom” to seek treatment, because of all the drama that viewers are going to see go down during the current season of the show.

Gary claims that the network didn’t want Jenelle reading negative feedback, or watching the season without emotional support in fear that she would have a drug relapse.

Jenelle Evans has been through the ringer over the past few months. The “Teen Mom” married Courtland Rogers in December, and by February Jenelle had gotten pregnant, had a miscarriage, and ended her marriage.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans checking into rehab? Do you think she still uses drugs?

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