’16 and Pregnant’ Star Danielle Cunningham Pregnancy Update

16 and pregnant danielle cunningham pregnant again
Photo Credit:Twitter

“16 and Pregnant” star Danielle Cunningham revealed that she’s having another baby late last year, and has been updating her fans on the pregnancy ever since.

So, here’s what we know about Danielle’s pregnancy via her Sulia updates. The father of the child is her on again, off again boyfriend, Jamie, who is also the father of her adorable son, Jamie Jr.

Danielle is having a baby girl, which she plans to name Jaylee/Jayleigh. (I’ve seen it spelled both ways.)

Currently Danielle is about 20 weeks pregnant, and his sporting a bulging baby bump. She has revealed that she’s working multiple jobs, and is doing well for herself.

Danielle is just one of many of the “16 and Pregnant” girls to have a second child since filming the MTV show.

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