VIDEO: Kailyn Lowry Confronts Her Mother After a Year of Silence!

Photo Credit: Twitter

‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry has had a rough time when it comes to her family issues. Isaac’s mommy doesn’t speak to her father, whom she has never really known, and only met once. Meanwhile, the mother who raised her completely shut her out of her life.

In this sneak peek from next week’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode, Kailyn learns that while she was in Texas meeting her half-sister, her mom showed up uninvited to Jo’s house and asked to see Isaac, after being absent from his life for an entire year.

Kail’s not happy about this, and decides to call her mom to confront her. (Of course she has to used her friend’s phone, because her mother has her number blocked.) After trying to be civil towards her mother, and getting hung up on twice, Kail calls back a third time and leaves a voice mail telling her mother that she’s not to see Isaac without permission, and that she has nothing more to say to her.

Kail’s mom calls back, and tells her, (In a very snotty tone) that she does NOT need permission to see her grandson. Thankfully, Kailyn, who is one strong mama, stands her ground, and tells her that Isaac is her child, and that her mother does, in fact, need permission to see her son. Kailyn’s mother then hangs up on her again, and leaves Kail in tears.

We were not happy after watching this video, and thank that Kailyn is better off without her mother in her life. She’s done nothing but be un-supportive, and hurtful towards Kailyn, and that is not a relationship she needs in her life. We are so glad that she now has her husband, Javi, by her side.

Photo Credit: MTV

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