Ryan Wants to Marry Maci for Ratings, Money?!

Photo Credit: MTV

After a weird Twitter proposal earlier this month, rumors were swirling that Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards were back on! Well, Maci quickly put an end to that gossip by revealing she was dating a new guy named Taylor.

However, according to a recent report by OK! Magazine, Ryan does want to marry Maci, for ratings and money!

“Ryan is an idiot. He was joking how Maci is going to be set for the rest of her life with her new show, and that he made a mistake ending things with her since she is going to be the one making money. So, he decided to fake propose to Maci. He thinks they should fake a wedding for the money and divorce right after,” an insider told the mag.

While Maci’s “new show” hasn’t even been confirmed yet, it does seem that the “Teen Mom” has been filming a spin-off series, and that Ryan will likely be a part of it, but it doesn’t look like a reconciliation is in the works at all.

“[Maci] was not amused,” the insider added.

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