Maci’s Ex-Boyfriend Disses Her Current Relationship!

Photo Credit: Twitter/Instagram

“Teen Mom” Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend, Kyle Regal, is slamming the MTV star’s new relationship with new boyfriend, Taylor, All The Teen Moms reports.

Maci frequently refers to Taylor as her “main thang” on Twitter, and Kyle was quick to jump on his online profile to tweet his thoughts on her relationship. “How many ‘main thangs’ are you allowed to have in 2013?” Regal wrote.

Of course, Maci Bookout’s boyfriend wasn’t going to let the comment go. The “Teen Mom” star’s current beau replied, “I got yo main thang bro.” Kyle Regal later responded, “[Your] main course is my leftovers bro.”

Should Maci be flattered or embarrassed by how the men in her life are acting? Both Taylor and Kyle live in Dallas, while Bookout still resides in Tennessee. So, is trouble brewing for the “Teen Mom?”

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