Maci and Taylor Making Their Long Distance Relationship Work!

teen mom maci bookout boyfriend taylor mckinney
Photo Credit: Instagram

“Teen Mom” Maci Bookout has moved on from her romances with Ryan Edwards and Kyle King, and on to a new relationship with boyfriend, Taylor McKinney. However, Taylor lives thousands of miles away, and the couple are forced to deal with a long distance relationship.

Maci recently tweeted “Oh the joy of long distance relationships,” as she posted a photo of herself and Taylor using Facetime on their phones to see each other.

The “Teen Mom” also added that she “adores” her new man. This isn’t the first time that Maci Bookout has had to deal with a long distance relationship. Maci’s former boyfriend, Kyle Regal, also lived in Texas.

Maci seems determined to make her relationship with Taylor work although they live so far apart, because leaving her family and her son’s father in Tennessee may not be an option.

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