Is Leah Messer Quitting ‘Teen Mom 2?’

Photo Credit: MTV

Rumors have been flying about whether or not there will be another season of “Teen Mom 2.” The girls have already filmed 4 seasons, which is the point when the original cast were taken off the air, but considering all the drama that goes along with these TM2 girls, MTV may be considering filming another season.

However, Leah Messer may not be a part of it! Despite the fact that Leah is one of the favorites among “Teen Mom” fans, Messer may be ready to hang up her reality TV hat.

“I will NEVER let money take over my life! All I need is what I have.. Money will NEVER make me truly happy! It’ll never buy my happiness,” Leah recently tweeted. Could this be a message to MTV, and her fans that she does not want to participate in “Teen Mom 2” any longer?

Despite the fact that Leah’s husband, Jeremy Calvert, reportedly earns about $200,000 a year, it seems that Leah doesn’t need the MTV money to take care of her family. It will interesting to see how this all plays out, and if there will be another season of “Teen Mom 2.”

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