Gary Shirley Sued For Not Paying Rent — Details

teen mom gary shirley
Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” star Gary Shirley is one busy dad. He raises his daughter, Leah, alone due to the fact that ex-girlfriend, Amber Portwood, is serving a prison sentence. However, Gary now finds himself in some big trouble, TMZ reports.

According to the report, Shirley is being sued by his landlord for skipping out on his rent. Gary allegedly owes more than $1,300 in unpaid back rent.

However, this “Teen Mom” father says the reports simply aren’t true. “I moved closer to school. S— they do to get there money and have another renter I’ve had nothing but problems with these guys,” Gary Shirley revealed on Twitter.

It seems that Gary may have a legal battle on his hands, whether he’s to blame or not. Unfortunately, Shirley will have to deal with the drama on his own, as he’s a full time single dad.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” star Gary Shirley being sued by his former landlord?

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