Farrah Slams Rumors She Wants to Look Like Kim Kardashian — Read Full Statement

Photo Credit: Instagram

‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham is dissing Kim Kardashian again. Farrah fired back at rumors that she got plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. Ms. Abraham says that is most defiantly not why she went under the knife.

Farrah revealed that she wants to look like herself, and that if she did want to look like someone it would be Disney Princess Jasmine from ‘Aladdin.’ Read Farrah’s full statement below. (Yes, we know there are spelling and grammar errors.)



……but i’ve been seeing these ridiculous claims of me trying to be as fake as (KIM K.) ” (.)(.)” hahaha or “(__0__)” boobs or butt count me out on that!

Either way I’ve stated why I’ve personally have chosen to have enhancements ,

1. I’ve matured and am out of puberty, and have really thought about what two things have consistantly bothered me after years, I did not act upon any enhancments due to, peer pressure, being irresponsible with money, or secretly trying to immatate some one else.
2. Surgery is a big deal and choice, I found the right doctors who would not let me alter anything that is not naturally looking porporionate to my body type! I will never get an overly large (RACK, BUTT, LIPS, BOTOX, etc.)

3. I’m the only person in my family who has ever gotten cosmetic surgery, I do not feel everyone should have enhancements done. I wish everyone would love themselves naturl and as beautiful as they are, and if a Nose, or boob job is on your mind, YOUR NOT ALONE, those are the most popular areas that change negativly with age! hints ** saggyness, bumps, loss of etc**

` Further more if I wanted to look like anyone other then me that would be JASMINE, Princess Jasmine to be exact because I here I look like the real life version of her.

So cheers, to being ourselves and not wanting to change who we are, our lives, our choices,lives with anyone else or are genes!!

Beautiful Fans , Enjoy 2013 being YOU!”

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