Details on Maci Bookout’s Boyfriend Taylor McKinney

Photo Credit: Instagram

In case you haven’t heard, ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout is a new relationship. The MTV star is currently dating Taylor McKinney, whom she’s been friends with for a while.

Maci and Taylor have made it official, and it seems that Ms. Bookout has moved on from both baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, and longtime love, Kyle King.

So, who is Taylor McKinney? According to Wet Paint, there are a few things to know about Maci’s new man.

1.)    He’s a motocross racer! (Sound familiar?) Maci sure does love her moto men! Not only is ex-boyfriend, Kyle Regal, a racer, but so is Bentley’s daddy, Ryan. Taylor, who lives and races in Dallas, broke both of his arms in 2006, which forced him to take some time off from the sport. Ouch!

2.)   Taylor has a little sister, Tara McKinney. It looks like Maci will be getting some girl bonding time with Tara. Hopefully, they get along well.

3.)   He’s an Aries. According to astrology, Aries mesh well with Leo’s, which just happens to be Maci’s sign. Match made in Heaven?

4.)   He wants kids! Taylor’s Myspace (Yes, we said Myspace) page reveals that he’d love to have kids….someday. Well, he’s in luck, because when you date Maci, you also get to the adorable Mr. Bentley!

5.)   He graduated high school in 2007. This means Taylor is a couple years older than Maci. However, it isn’t known if he attended, or is currently attending college. Maybe he’s too busy pursuing his racing career?

There you have it, the deets on Maci Bookout’s new man. If the “Teen Mom” happens to land a spin-off show, (fingers crossed!) we may get to see more of him right in our living rooms!

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