ANOTHER ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Arrested — Details

Photo Credit: MTV

It’s happened again. ANOTHER ’16 and Pregnant’ star has been arrested. This time it was Sarah Robert’s baby daddy, Blake, Wet Paint reports.

You may remember Blake as the daddy who left Sarah and their baby girl Tinleigh to pursue his Forrest Gump like dreams of being in the Shrimpin’ business. (True story.)


However, Blake did eventually come back home to Georgia…with is new girlfriend whom he also reportedly has gotten pregnant! According to Sarah’s tweets, he’s no longer welcome around her daughter. “I don’t want the worthless f— around my daughter,” she wrote.

Now there’s more trouble for Blake who was arrested for driving with a suspended license. Wow….that’s a lot of drama. Maybe Sarah should have been picked for ‘Teen Mom 3!’

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