Amber Portwood and Brother Snuggle Up in Throwback Photo

Photo Credit: Twitter

It’s safe to say that little Leah isn’t the only one missing ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood while she’s in prison. Amber’s older brother, Shawn, recently tweeted a photo of himself and his sister from their younger days.

“Found this picture of me and my sis when were were both in high school still,” Shawn said. Poor Shawn! He obviously misses his baby sister, as Leah and Gary likely do as well.

Amber, who is currently serving a 5 year prison sentence, has been behind bars for months. The ‘Teen Mom’ has missed all the holidays, including her daughter, Leah’s birthday. However, Portwood is said to be doing very well behind bars.

Amber is working on getting her GED, and has even been rumored to be writing a book. Hopefully, Amber is getting her life in order, and can continue the good work when she gets out of prison….whenever that may be.


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