VIDEO: Chelsea Dishes On Rocky Relationship With Adam

Photo Credit: MTV

“Teen Mom” Chelsea Houska is opening up about her rocky relationship with ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind. The reality TV star tells MTV in a new interview, that she and her daughter, Aubree, “deserve better” than what Adam could give them.

Chelsea explains that the reason she kept going back to Adam is because “I want [Aubree] to know what it’s like to have a family together.” However, after too many bad experiences, Houska and Lind have seemingly called it quits for good, and haven’t been together in over a year.

“Teen Mom” fans watched in a recent episode as Adam Lind dumped Chelsea Houska yet again, telling her that her father’s interference in their relationship was to blame. However, Chelsea doesn’t see it that way.

Houska tells MTV that it was Adam’s fault their relationship didn’t work out. Chelsea revealed that she understand that her father, Randy, is concerned for her, and knows that he’s right when it comes to her relationship with Adam.

Chelsea Houska also revealed that if her daughter, Aubree, were in a bad relationship, she would also intervene, because no one deserves to be treated poorly.

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