PHOTO: Kyle King and Dalis Connell Hanging Out! — Details

Photo Credit: Instagram

Okay “Teen Mom” fans, are you confused yet? It seems that since Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell have broken up some very interesting things have been happening.

It all started when fans found out that Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards were hanging and partying together. Maci tweeted that she’s finally able to “feel something,” and many believe she’s talking about Ryan. Are they getting back together? We don’t know, but it looks like there’s at least a chance Bentley’s parents may reunite.

Meanwhile, Maci and Ryan’s exes, Kyle King and Dalis Connell, aren’t standing by why Maci and Ryan have all the fun. Kyle and Dalis also spent the weekend partying together. Dalis posted a photo of the two of them together saying, “I wonder how much $*!# we will get for this.”

So Maci and Ryan? Kyle and Dalis? We might not know exactly what’s going on, but we’ll definitely be watching for clues of some new/old “Teen Mom” romances brewing!

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