Ke$ha Responds to Jenelle’s Obsession With Her!

Photo Credit: Twitter/Flickr (The Fame ϟ)

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans is obviously a Ke$ha fan. The MTV star was recently seen on an episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ telling her lawyer that she could not go to jail, because she had second row concert tickets to see her idol.

“It’s not just a concert. It’s Ke$ha. I’m obsessed with this girl,” Jenelle said during the episode. Unfortunately, Evans got arrested anyway, but did make bail in just enough time to make the concert.

So, what does Ke$ha have to say about Jenelle’s super fan status? “She is the reason I do what I do,” Ke$ha told The Huffington Post. “Go grrrl don’t let the man hold you down! We R Who We R!!!!”

There you have it. Ke$ha approved.

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