Jenelle Evans Gets Married To Courtland Rogers In Quickie Wedding!

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are married. According to Radar Online, the MTV star and her boyfriend got married in a quickie courthouse wedding on Tuesday morning.

“My sister got married this morning, it was a shotgun courthouse wedding,” Jenelle’s sister, Ashleigh revealed. Jenelle and Courtland have only been dating for two months, but Evans recently told fans there was a reason that she and Rogers planned to marry so quickly, but wouldn’t spill the beans on what the reason was.

“My mother was totally shocked and had to hear it from someone else. Our whole family is shocked because they have not been dating very long. I’m sure she did this to distract from all the drug accusations that have been flying around and of course she thinks it will help her get custody of Jace back from mom if she is married,” Jenelle Evans sister said.

Fans are surprised that Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers did tie the knot so soon after getting engaged, and are dying to know the reason for the rush. However, the “Teen Mom” claims she’s most defiantly not pregnant. Recently, Jenelle spent a week in the hospital for lung issues, and ovarian cysts. She was released on Friday.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans getting married to Courtland Rogers?


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