Jenelle and Courtland Getting a Divorce Already?!

Photo Credit: Twitter

Is “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans already getting a divorce from new husband Courtland Rogers? The MTV star took to her Sulia page to clear up some of the latest rumors surrounding her marriage.

“No. Me and my husband are doing great! Our love is so strong [and] he is my everything. Our love is so strong and we will be together forever,” Jenelle wrote about Courtland.

Meanwhile “Teen Mom” fans have been wondering about the health status of both Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers. Jenelle has been in and out of the hospital for weeks with issues surrounding ovarian cysts, but recently revealed she may need surgery on her esophagus for unrelated issues.

The reality TV star has also opened up a bit about Courtland’s “disease,” saying she’s been taking him to a hospital located three hours away from their home for health issues, but refuses to give any further details.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans comments about getting a divorce, and her new husband, Courtland Rogers? Do you think they’ll make it last?

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