Jenelle and Courtland Divorce Drama!

Photo Credit: Twitter

‘Teen Mom’ fans were surprised when Jenelle Evans announced that she and Courtland Rogers had tied the knot after only 2 months of dating. However, they were even more shocked when Jenelle and Courtland announced that they were getting a divorce less than a month after getting married.

“Can’t believe she do this to me omfg,” Courtland tweeted, adding “Leaves at 3 am returns at 730 am where the f— did she go for four hours late night??! yea I am done!!! F— this.” Later, Jenelle wrote that it was her fault that she and Courtland were getting a divorce!

But fans of the couple shouldn’t worry too much. It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Rogers have already worked things out. “I am sorry on how this morning worked out!!” Courtland wrote. “We should of take it over before I jumped to conclusions I love u so much.”

There you have it…divorce averted…for now.

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