Is Corey Simms’ Fiance Miranda Patterson Pregnant?

Photo Credit: Twitter

Is “Teen Mom” star Corey Simms expecting another baby? Leah Messer’s ex-husband recently became engaged to girlfriend, Miranda Patterson, and rumors began to fly that the couple were having a baby, Wet Paint reports.

However, while Leah is expecting her third child with husband Jeremy Calvert, Corey’s dad, Jeff Simms, says that his future daughter-in-law is not pregnant.

Fans are excited for both Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert’s baby news, and Corey Simms and Miranda Patterson’s engagement. The two couples like each other very much, and are get along well. In fact, Leah says she loves how much Miranda cares about her daughters.

So, while twins Ali and Aleeah are only getting one new sibling for now, they do have two sets of very loving parents, whose main focus is keeping their daughters happy, healthy, and loved.

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