How Did Jenelle Evans Spend her 21st Birthday?

Photo Credit: Twitter

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans turned 21 years old on Dec. 19, and it’s safe to say that she had a great time enjoying her special day with new hubby, Courtland Rogers.

So, how did Jenelle spend her big day? Here’s what she had to say:

“Well, My day started with a Surprise from Courtland! He gave me a Diamond Necklace, New Belly Rings and Flowers 🙂 It made me SO happy. Then, We went to the store and I got a new pair of boots, I LOVE THEM!! Courtland and I just got done racing Go-Karts and I whooped Courtland Baaaaaad Hahaha! I’m loving this day so far Can’t wait to see waht my next surprise is or what my Husband has in store for meeee,” Jenelle wrote on her Sulia page.

Hopefully, Jenelle also fit in some time to see her son, Jace, and her mother, Barbara, on her birthday.

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