Farrah Abraham: Maci and Ryan Getting Back Together is ‘Odd’

Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham is putting her two cents in on Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards allegedly getting back together, and his surprising Twitter proposal.

“So I heard the hopefuls buzzing of the reunite. I do feel though it’s ODD. I do think that twitter proposals are not legit. I do know how to say “I DO” the right way, and lastly switching mates around doesn’t mean everyone’s getting married and dating, that just seems attention seeking, insecure, and desperato!” Farrah wrote on Sulia, seemingly also weighing in on Kyle King and Dalis Connell recently hanging out.

While many ‘Teen Mom” fans are still in shock that Maci and Ryan are allegedly back together, and already talking marriage, it also seems that Farrah should be happy for her fellow MTV star. Do you think she’s judging too harshly?

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