Dalis Connell: Ryan’s Friends Would Be ‘Shocked’ If They Knew Real Reason Behind Break Up!

Photo Credit: Instagram

“Teen Mom” star Dalis Connell and her boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, have split. However, the couple never revealed the reason behind their break up. However, Dalis did say that the reason would “shock” even Ryan’s closest friends.

“I wish I could say the real reason Ryan & I broke up. Everyone, even his friends, would be in shock, but I will continue to be the mature one in this situation while he tries to make me look like an idiot. [I’ve] never been so happy & relieved in my life,” Connell said.

It looks like there is some major drama going on between Dalis Connell and Ryan Edwards, and to make matters more interesting to “Teen Mom” fans, Ryan and baby mama, Maci Bookout, have recently started hanging out again. Meanwhile, Dalis, and Maci’s other ex-boyfriend, Kyle King, also spent some time together.

“Teen Mom” fans wish the cameras were still rolling on these young people, as it seems the real drama started after the show ended. What are your thoughts on Dalis Connell’s comments about her break up with Ryan Edwards?

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