Dalis Connell and Kyle King Get Flirty on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram

“Teen Mom” stars Dalis Connell (Ryan Edwards ex-girlfriend) and Kyle King (Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend) are becoming good friends. Although the two were already acquainted, (Kyle volunteered to help organize a charity event for Dalis’ ill mother earlier this year.) they seem to be getting closer by the day.

Last weekend as Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards surprised fans by spending time together, Dalis and Kyle did the same. Connell and King were spotted out together with friends, and since have gotten flirty on Twitter.

“If someone would bring me white chocolate covered strawberries right now.. I would love you forever,” Dalis tweeted. Later, a fan interjected that Kyle may be the guy for the job. “Maybe,” he said. “hahah pweasee,” Dalis replied.

So, it looks like Dalis and Kyle may be getting a bit flirty. Although it would be kind of weird if Connell and King were to start a romance, it makes sense that they would be attracted to each other.

Both Dalis and Kyle are good looking, goal oriented, and have a huge love for fitness. Sounds like a good match, right? We wonder if Maci and Ryan think so…

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