Chelsea Reveals How Often Aubree Sees Adam!

Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Chelsea Houska recently opened up about how often her daughter, Aubree, spends time with her father, Adam Lind. The MTV star says it’s been tough for Aubree to be in the middle of her two parents’ rocky relationship, Chelsea revealed on the most recent TM aftershow.

“It’s not like he treats her badly. She gets to see him more and stuff when we’re together, but it’s definitely not good for her to be around us when we’re not getting along,” Chelsea revealed.

“Teen Mom” fans know that Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind have been inconsistent in their relationship. The couple have been off and on for years. However, after their last break-up, Houska vowed that she was done with Lind romantically.

Adam isn’t generally well liked with “Teen Mom” viewers. However, Aubree seems to light up when she sees her daddy, and Houska as expressed in the past that she’s love her daughter to have a close relationship with her dad, like Chelsea does with her own father, Randy.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Chelsea Houska’s comments about Adam Lind and their daughter Aubree?

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