‘Teen Mom’ Rumor Alert: Is Dalis Connell Pregnant?

The ‘Teen Mom’ girls are used to gossip and false reports that they’re pregnant again. However, the other stars haven’t become quite as used it…yet. So, the latest gossip has Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend, and Bentley’s daddy, Ryan Edwards and his girlfriend, Dalis Connell expecting. Is it true?

The rumor started when a new photo of Ryan and Dalis was posted online. In the photo, Ryan is standing behind Dalis with his hand on her stomach. Of course, this sparked speculation that Ms. Connell may be preggers.

But, before you head over to Twitter to send your congratulations, you should know that it’s not true! Dalis isn’t pregnant, and the photo only shows the couple posing in a cute, cheesy, way.

Dalis is a workout buff, and has a seriously toned body. If she were to get pregnant, it probably wouldn’t be hard to see once she started showing. But…for now, Ryan and Dalis have no plans to start a family of their own, and have their hands full with Bentley.

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