Maci Bookout Caught in a Love Triangle?

Is ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout caught in a love triangle with ex-boyfriends Kyle King and Kyle Regal? Maci has been going back and forth between the two Kyle’s since officially splitting with King this Fall.

Maci and Kyle King split, and the ‘Teen Mom’ went running off to Texas to hang with Kyle Regal. Later, Maci and Kyle King took a Las Vegas vacation together, but that didn’t seem to go well, and the pair seemingly haven’t been on good terms since then.

During Bentley’s Halloween/Fall themed birthday party, Kyle Regal was in attendance, but not Kyle King, who wished Bentley a happy birthday on Twitter.

“She really loves Kyle King and feels really safe with him. She knows how good he is with [her son] Bentley, too,” says an insider. “But the other Kyle, the one that lives in Dallas, is really hot. She always has an amazing time with him. Maci thinks he’s really good-looking,” a source told OK! Magazine of Maci’s love triangle.

Whether it’s true, or not, it’s obvious that Maci cares a lot for both Kyle King and Kyle Regal. Hopefully, she eventually ends up with the man she’s supposed to be with.


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