Leah Messer is Pregnant With a Baby Girl!


“Teen Mom” Leah Messer is officially pregnant with a baby girl. The MTV star, who already has 2 twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, with ex-husband, Corey Simms, will add another girl to her family, In Touch Magazine reported on Nov. 6.

Leah just recently learned that she was expecting another girl, and couldn’t be happier to give second husband, Jeremy Calvert, his first child. Calvert has been a great step-father to Leah and Corey’s daughters, and has maintained a good relationship with Simms.

Since announcing that she was pregnant again, Leah Messer has taken a lot of heat from “Teen Mom” fans, who believe she’s still too young to have more children. However, Leah isn’t stressing over the haters, and says she’s happy with her life, and the upcoming addition to her family.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Leah Messer being pregnant with another girl? Do you think she’ll have her hands full with three little ones?

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