Catelynn and Tyler’s Cryptic Tweets — Signs of Trouble?!

“Teen Mom” Catelynn Lowell and fiancé Tyler Baltierra seem like the perfect couple, but recent tweets have fans worried that their relationship may be on the rocks, Wet Paint reports.

Tyler, who has been living in New Orleans for the past month, is set to return home to Catelynn in Michigan on Monday. However, he may not be too thrilled with the idea.

“So confused…head is all over the place right now. What is right for me? What do I deserve? Am I too forgiving at times?” Tyler Baltierra tweeted late Sunday night. “Your heart lies to you, tells you want to hear. It’s your gut that never lies, it is the raw truth your heart does not want to face yet,” Tyler added.

Meanwhile, “Teen Mom” Catelynn Lowell had only one thing to say. “Sometimes I feel like I’m totally f—ed up,” she wrote.

Catelynn and Tyler fans are worried that their favorite “Teen Mom” couple are having relationship issues. However, the pair have not said anything about their tweets being about each other. It looks like only time will tell if Lowell and Baltierra are having problems.


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