‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Alex Sekella’s Baby Daddy Matt McCann Badly Injured in Tragic Accident!


“Teen Mom 3” star Alexandria Sekella’s ex-boyfriend, Matt McCann, was badly injured after he fell off a cliff while partying with friends, Starcasm reported on Nov. 26.

“All I know is he was partying with friends and he walked off a cliff and fell 20 feet,” she says. “He’s in ICU. He can’t move, Sekella confirmed.

The “Teen Mom 3” star’s baby daddy is known for his drug use, and Alex says it’s bad enough that she refuses to let him see their daughter.

According to The Ashley, Matt and some friends were partying at a local overlook called The Knob when he walked off a cliff. Matt has reportedly broken his neck and spine. Matt’s friends tried to help him, but ended up getting into a car accident. “It was a drinking and driving sort of thing,” Alexandria says. “They claim they were getting help and hit a tree.”

This is a tragic situation for Matt and his family. No other updates have been made available yet, but fans are wishing Matt the best, and hope that this could be an eye opener that he needs serious help with his addiction.

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