‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 3 Recap — ‘Walk The Line’


“Teen Mom 2” returned for season 3 on Nov. 12. Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, and Kailyn Lowry kicked off the most dramatic season yet, and fans tuned into MTV to watch it all go down.

Leah Messer:

Leah and her husband, Corey Simms, are separated, and have filed for divorce. There is serious tension between the couple, but they reunite for their daughter, Ali’s doctor’s appointment.

Leah Messer and Corey Simms get good news, as Ali is improving, and growing at her own rate. Leah is relieved to hear that her daughter will walk on her own.

Jenelle Evans:

Jenelle and Kieffer have broken up, and she’s back from rehab. Jenelle is doing well, and enrolled in college. Evans has also stayed sober, and is passing her drug tests.

However, after a fight with her mother, Barbara, and a night out with a girlfriend, Jenelle makes a huge mistake. Evans goes back to her old ways, and smokes pot. Now, she has no idea what will happen when she takes her next drug test. Will she go to jail?

Kailyn Lowry:

Kailyn and boyfriend Jordan have split, and she’s hoping for a future with her baby daddy, Jo Rivera. However, Jo has other ideas. Not only is he not wanting to commit to her, but he’s also been seeing someone else.

Kailyn confronts Jo over his new girlfriend, and he tells her that hooking up with her was a mistake. Jo leaves Kailyn in tears.

Chelsea Houska:

Chelsea has decided to give her ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind, a second chance. The “Teen Mom” and her baby daddy begin hanging out again, but Chelsea’s friends and family are understandably skeptical. Will Chelsea and Adam make it this time?

“Teen Mom 2” fans are in for a wild ride this season, as it’s set to be the most dramatic, and emotional season of the hit MTV show yet. Tune in every Monday at 10 pm on MTV to watch it all unfold.

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