Jenelle and Courtland Are Engaged!

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans is engaged to her boyfriend Courtland Rogers. The MTV star revealed the news on Nov. 19 during a live video chat with fans.

This is Jenelle’s second engagement. She was previously engaged to ex-boyfriend, Gary Head. Fans were a bit stunned by Evans’ wedding news, as she and Rogers had a huge fight just hours before he popped the question.

Just after the engagement news broke, Jenelle Evans took to her Facebook page to gush over new fiancé Courtland Rogers. “Tomorrow we are going to start planning! I’ve never been this happy in my life. It’s like a fantasy coming true. I’m going to be married to my best friend/lover/childhood sweetheart. He does anything for me and I do the same for him,” the “Teen Mom” wrote.

Meanwhile, Jenelle says that there is a reason she and Courtland have decided to get married after only two months of dating. “There is a huge reason why we are getting married so fast, but [it’s] too touchy of a subject. But I do love him to death.

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