Shocker! Jenelle Evans in the Hospital for Heroin Withdrawal?

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans is in the hospital under mysterious circumstances. Courtland revealed over the weekend that he couldn’t find Jenelle and was very worried about her. Later, he told fans that Jenelle was in the hospital, but wouldn’t say why.

Later, Jenelle took it upon herself to reveal to her supporters that she was in the hospital, and doing better. After much speculation, Jenelle revealed that she was having problems with her ovarian cysts, and would have to stay in the hospital for a few days.

“I’m doing good.. I got a few things going on with my cyst.. Maybe surgery. Please b supportive and help Courtland get threw this. Love y’all The dr Just let me know that I will b here a few days for surgery on my cyst and that everything else looks good Im using hospital Internet. Please keep me in your prayers.. Ashleigh is making stuff up on me so just avoid her.. She is a sh***y sister that tries to get attention,” Jenelle wrote on her Facebook page.

However, another patient claiming to be in the room next to Jenelle’s had something very different to say. “Jenelle was at the ER yesterday for heroin withdrawals. I was in the room next to hers. She sounded like she was in so much pain,” the person wrote on Evans’ update.

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