Jenelle Evans Won’t Be Watching ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 3

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans says she will not be watching the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ on MTV. During the reunion in NYC, Jenelle tweeted that she was “speechless,” over the episodes, which she likely got to see during her trip.

“I will NOT watch ANY of the new episodes season of Teen Mom 2 season 3, I’m speechless,” Evans wrote.

Some fans believe that the new season shows Jenelle in a negative light, and perhaps she does not like it. However, there may be other factors that contribute to Jenelle’s upset. Perhaps, her former fiance, Gary Head, or ex-boyfriend, Kieffer Delp are seen doing something that is upsetting to Evans.

Another possible reason is her relationship with her mother, Barbara, who currently has custody of Jenelle’s son, Jace. It looks like fans will have to watch to find out what has Jenelel speechless.

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