Jenelle Evans Used Heroin Says Former Friend Allison

Photo Credit: Twitter

“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans sparked rumors that she was using heroin after spending the past week in the hospital under mysterious circumstances. Now, her former roommate, Allison says that the MTV star does use the dangerous drug, Radar Online reports.

Allison says that she’s seen Jenelle use heroin in the past. Allison says that Jenelle’s been using heroin since she moved out of their once shared home. “That’s how she dropped weight so fast. She’s an addict. End of story,” Allison states.

Meanwhile, a woman who claims she was in the hospital with Jenelle Evans says that the “Teen Mom” was admitted for heroin withdrawal.

Jenelle’s drug of choice has always been marijuana. “Teen Mom” fans have watched the MTV star struggle with her addiction to the drug, which has gotten her into so much trouble in the past. Now, those fans are worried that Evans may have graduated to something much worse.

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