Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ Filming a 5th Season?!

Is ‘Teen Mom 2’ filming a 5th season?! WELL…it’s been rumored that the TM2 girls have already finished filming season 4. BUT…in this recent photo posted by Chelsea Houska, you can clearly see a camera person in the background filming her.

So….either the rumors about season 4 being finished were wrong, or we’ll all be seeing a 5th season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ But why would MTV film 5 seasons of the TM2 girls, when the original ‘Teen Mom’ cast only got 4?

Well, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls still have a lot of stuff going on in their lives. With Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber, things were kind of at a stand still. Not to mention Amber’s in prison for a long time, and can’t be filmed.

However, Jenelle is recently engaged, and full of all kinds of drama, Kailyn is engaged, and planning a wedding to Javi, Leah is pregnant again, and Chelsea has finally decided to move on from Adam. We want to see all of that, right? Hopefully….we’ll get the chance!

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