How Did Chelsea Houska Finally Get Over Adam Lind?

Photo Credit: Instagram

‘Teen Mom’ fans have seen Chelsea Houska struggle with her love for her baby daddy, Adam Lind. In the past the MTV star would continue to go back to Adam despite all the drama he brought into her life, and his sometimes verbally abusive words.

However, Chelsea is long past her infatuation with Adam, and has finally moved on! (For good we hope!) So, how did Ms. Houska do it? Well, she had some serious help from her amazing best friend, Landon.

“I swear, @landiduhh is the reason I got over what I needed to get over and found happiness and amazing friends.#loveyou #grateful” Chelsea tweeted. I think all ‘Teen Mom’ fans can say THANK YOU to Landon for helping Chelsea get over Adam. Now all she needs (eventually) is to find a man who will treat her and Aubree right! Maybe Landon can help her out with that one too!

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