Dalis Connell Gets To See Her Mom One Last Time Thanks To Dream Foundation

Photo Credit: Instagram

“Teen Mom” star Dalis Connell, who is best known to fans at Ryan Edwards girlfriend, has had a very emotional year. The college track star’s mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and hasn’t been given long to live. However, Dalis will get to see her mom one last time thanks to the Dream Foundation, Wet Paint reported on Nov. 29.

“Thank you so much to the Dream Foundation who heard our story!” she wrote on Instagram, along with a picture holding up one of their T-shirts. “My brother and I didn’t have enough money to go see my mom in her hospice home in California so the Dream Foundation paid for our plane tickets to go see her this weekend ,” Dalis wrote.

The “Teen Mom” star also revealed that she knew this would be the last time she would see her mother, who is in Hospice care in California. “This will be our last weekend with her, I couldn’t be more thankful I get to see her one last time. Love you mom!”

Fans have been sending Connell lots of love and support throughout this tough time. Although this is heartbreaking for Dalis Connell, she has kept a positive attitude, as well as her faith, in the face of tragedy.

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