Maci Bookout Accused of Letting Bentley Run Wild in Public!

‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout is a favorite among fans, and of course we’ve all come to love little Bentley. However, recently Maci had Bentley out in public, and at least one person saw something she didn’t like.

An employee at a PacSun store caught a glimpse into Maci and Bentley’s life, when the ‘Teen Mom’ allegedly came in for a little shopping. “She comes in pacsun and let’s her child destroy everything. We less than like her,” the employee wrote on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

The PacSun employee later went on to say that Bentley is “a TOTAL brat. It’s her fault though, more worried about how other people see her than how her kid is being brought up,” the girl said, slamming Maci further.

Okay, first off, maybe Bentley was having a bad day. Anyone with a young child will tell you that they’re not always behaved perfectly, and well mannered. Children are fickle, and you never know what could possibly off a tantrum or fit.
The post by the PacSun employee is a bit harsh. It’s one thing to call out Maci for her parenting, she’s more than used to that, but bashing a small child online, and calling him names is uncalled for, right?!