Is Maci Having Ex-Boyfriend Drama?

It seems that ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout is having ex-boyfriend drama! Maci, who recently split with longtime love, Kyle King, and reunited (as friends at least) with ex-boyfriend, Kyle Regal, is having some drama in her love life!

Maci recently tweeted that she was going to have to “quote T. Swift” (Taylor Swift) to her ex, because apparently, she doesn’t think they are “ever getting back together.” But which ex-boyfriend is she having problems with? Kyle 1, or Kyle 2.0?

Fans seem to think it’s Kyle King, whom she seemingly hasn’t been speaking to since the split. “Don’t come back because u miss me, come back because u want me… forever,” Maci tweeted on Tuesday night.

Is Kyle King trying to win Maci back? Many fans are hoping the couple can work through their issues, and move on together for good!

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