Leah Messer Speaks Out On Her Pregnancy, Life Decisions

“Teen Mom” Leah Messer announced that she was pregnant again earlier this week. Now, the MTV star is revealing that she’s not only thrilled about her new baby, but that it’s okay if her fans don’t understand.

“Thanks everyone. [Jeremy] and I are in such a good place,” Leah wrote, adding, “The path I choose for my life, and that’s right for me, isn’t always the right path for everyone else.”

Leah Messer knows that she will continue to be in the media, and taking heat from haters online. However, the “Teen Mom” seems happier than ever, and very secure with her life choices.

Now that Leah is about to add another baby to her family, it’s important that she’s confident, and ready to take on the task of raising twin toddler girls, and a newborn baby.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Leah Messer’s recent comments on her pregnancy?

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Article orgininally written for Examiner.com