Jenelle Evans Defends New Boyfriend’s Parenting!

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans says she’s “in love” with her new boyfriend, Courtland Rogers, whom she’s been friends with for years. However, recently news came out that Courtland was a father, and has a daughter, whom he does not see.

Jenelle immediately defend her new man, telling fans that it’s not his fault he doesn’t see his child, but his baby mama’s fault.

“Courtland does have many tattoos. One of them is on his neck and it says “JaJa”. This is of course a nickname for his daughter who is only 1 year old and her name is Jordan. He isn’t a deadbeat father and actually wants to see his daughter but the mother won’t let him. It’s a complicated situation but he wanted to pay child support on his own and tells everyone “Your daddy will be here in the future when you need me.” I think this is very sweet of him and still wish Andrew (Jace’s dad.) would step up as a father,” Jenelle said.

So, it looks like Jenelle and Courtland have something in common. The couple moved in together this week, and Jenelle says they are going strong!