Rumor Alert! Jenelle is Broke, Homeless, and Getting Back Together with Gary?

Well, the new issues of OK! Magazine is out, and according to “insider” James Duffy, aka Jenelle’s former boss whom she says weirdly stalks her, Jenelle is flat broke, homeless, and trying to get back together with ex-fiance, Gary Head.

“Jenelle has blown over $16,000 in the last 2 months, and she is completely broke,” Duffy told the magazine, but how would he know what she’s spending? Jenelle has made it more than obvious she can’t stand Duffy. It’s seems weird that he would have insight into her finances.

Duffy also claims that Jenelle is homeless and getting back together with Gary Head. “It’s a weird turn of events that she’s going back to Gary, but he’s a far better choice than Kieffer,” James said.

Jenelle, 20, is now living on her own, and recently revealed that she’s house hunting with her new boyfriend, Courtland Rogers, whom she started dating just days after splitting with Kieffer Delp, so as far as the rumors that she’s getting back together with Gary are concerned, that seems to be wrong as well.

“I have my own place I’m living in now and I’m moving out this week. I stayed at my mom’s for a couple of days because I wanted to see my son,” Jenelle said, clearing up the rumors.

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