Farrah Abraham’s Plastic Surgery Shockers!

“Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham let cameras follow her as she went under the knife for breast implant surgery. However, that’s not the only plastic surgery the MTV has had, E! Online reported.

According to Farrah, she’s not only had breast implants, but a nose job, and a chin implant as well. The “Teen Mom” star’s plastic surgery has cost her about $16,000.

“People in my personal life see that I’m now a woman, not just a ‘Teen Mom.’ Being in front of the camera is different than modeling, because now I feel more judged,” Farrah Abraham revealed.

Of course, fans have wondered if Farrah’s face had naturally changed with age, and make up, or if she’d secretly gone under the knife again. Now that her “Teen Mom” days are officially behind her, Abraham is coming clean about her plastic surgery.




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