‘Teen Mom 3’ Cast Officially Announced!

The “Teen Mom 3” cast has officially been announced. Mackenzie Douthit, Alex Sekella, Briana DeJesus, and Katie Yeager are among the “16 and Pregnant” stars chosen as the new group of young moms who will have their lives followed by MTV cameras, In Touch Weekly.

“I was scared to do the show,” said Mackenzie Douthit, mother of 14-month-old Gannon.  “But I can’t look back and change the fact that I got pregnant so all I can do is look towards the future.” She revealed, adding that viewers will see her and fiancé in “good and bad times.”

Alex Sekella, who’s ex-boyfriend, had serious drug problem during her episode of “16 and Pregnant,” says that she doesn’t let daughter, Arabella see her father due to his problems.

Briana DeJesus’ story has a different twist than “Teen Mom” fans have seen before. Briana and her sister both got pregnant at the same time. However, Briana’s sister chose to have an abortion. “My story lets you see, there are different choices. With every choice you make, there [are] hardships. No matter what, it’s still going to be difficult, but you still have a choice,” DeJesus revealed.

“I want to help people,” Katie Yeager says of her role on “Teen Mom 3.” Katie will show viewers that she’s still pursuing her dreams in spite of becoming a parent at a young age.

What do you think about Mackenzie Douthit, Alex Sekella, Briana DeJesus, and Katie Yeager being cast in “Teen Mom 3?” Will you watch the show when it premieres on MTV?

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