Adam Moves Back in with Chelsea, Gives Her a Promise Ring in Season 3!

“Teen Mom” Chelsea Houska has been on a wild ride when it comes to the father of her daughter, Adam Lind. Fans have watched the couple make-up and break-up on a regular basis, and are in store for more during season 3 of “Teen Mom 2.

During the third season of the show, fans will see Chelsea and Adam get back together. Not only will Houska give Lind another chance, the couple also move into together with their daughter, Aubree. Things must have went well, at least for a while, because Adam gives Chelsea a promise ring.

However, Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind just can’t seem to make it work. The pair are now apart again, and the “Teen Mom” has said it’s over for good this time. She is currently attending beauty school, and living with her daughter, Aubree.

Meanwhile, Adam has a new girlfriend, and seems to be seeing Aubree on a more regular basis.

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