Catelynn Lowell Feels Betrayed by Friends Over Scandalous Bong Photo?

‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell has been known as one of the most level headed stars of the show. However, when a shocking photo of the MTV star smoking from a bong hit the internet on Sept. 17, many fans were disappointed.

“She was at a party with a bunch of friends when the picture was taken, and that means one of her friends sold her out,” said one insider. “She feels betrayed by the whole thing,” OK! Magazine reports.

However, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Baltierra (Tyler’s sister) tells exclusively that these reports are not true, and that Catelynn has not been betrayed by her close friends. “This is so false it’s insane,” Amber said.

“I would love to know who this “insider” is. People love to make crap up,” Catelynn revealed. It looks like all is good with Catelynn and Tyler’s circle of friends after all.

Catelynn’s not letting this get her down though. She’s been busy going to school, working, and as always, a staple in the adoption community.

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