Amber Portwood’s Daughter, Leah, Thinks She’s in Hollywood Filming a Movie!

“Teen Mom” Amber Portwood will be behind bars for at least two more years. However, her daughter, Leah, knows nothing about it. Leah, who is in the custody of her father, Gary  Shirley, has been told her mother is in Hollywood filming a movie, Radar Online reports.

“Amber and Gary are going with the idea that she is away shooting a film in California,” a source revealed. “This is their cover; they don’t want to tell Leah that she’s actually in prison – because they’re not sure she would understand and don’t want her thinking worse of her mom.”

However, Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley won’t be able to hide the fact that the “Teen Mom” is in prison forever. “The problem is, everyone at Leah’s daycare knows that Amber is her mom and that she’s in prison, there’s no hiding that fact. So, it’s only a matter a time before Leah overhears it, and that has got Amber and Gary in a panic that she will find out what’s going on before they tell her,” the source added.

It’s a tough situation for all those involved. However, fans are hoping that Amber Portwood can get her life together while in prison, and come out a happier, healthier, more involved mother to little Leah.

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