’16 and Pregnant’ Star Izabella Tovar Changes Her Son’s Name After 2 Years!

“16 and Pregnant” star Izabella Tovar has changed her son Enrique’s name after two years. The former MTV star says she has a perfectly logical explanation for the change.

“Enrique = Henry. When we went to Mexico, my family began to call him Henry [because] they figured we used the English version. Henry is easier for a 2 year old to pronounce, so Enrique began to call himself ‘Henry.’ We have since stuck to Henry [because] we love it,” Tovar explained via Twitter.

“My son’s name does not need to be legally changed to Henry,” she explains. “It’s like saying a word in English and Spanish, it’s still the same word,” the “16 and Pregnant” star confirmed. However, it seems that Enrique will be known as Henry from now on.





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