’16 and Pregnant’ Star Ebony Jackson Gives Birth To Second Child!

Former ‘16 and Pregnant‘ star Ebony Jackson-Rendon went into labor on Monday. The Ashley reported that the MTV star was birthing her second child.

Fans may remember that Ebony and her husband Josh, who married shortly after having their first child, had their daughter taken away by social services, after they received a call about the conditions of their home.

It was reported last year that Ebony and Josh’s home was filthy, and contained trash, feces, and drug paraphernalia. Social services took custody of their daughter, and the couple were left to pick up the pieces.

Later, Ebony and Josh began visitation with their daughter, and announced they were pregnant with their second child, shocking fans everywhere.

Hopefully, Ebony and Josh have learned their lesson, and will focus more having a healthy environment for both their children.